About us

“It all started with a turquoise bikini…” is how Andrew Makay, owner/designer likes to begin the story of N2N.  However, before Andrew put his signature on the niche market of mens’ sexy body wear he was working as a successful musical theater performer.

Back in 1987 while performing on a cruise ship, he discovered a sexy turquoise bikini in Acapulco.  What sold him on it was the pouch.  The design and especially its fit is what stood out to Andrew. It was this suit that would give him the inspiration and nudge onto an unexpected career path.

Having never studied fashion design or run a retail business did not intimidate Andrew or prevent him from pursuing this new passion.  Nor did it stop him from sharing his work ethic and philosophy.  “Men should be able to celebrate their sexuality as freely and openly as woman do and always have.”  Creating intriguing, interesting and sexy body wear for an ever-broadening audience has been his ongoing mission.  Thankfully, Andrew’s intuition was correct and his message was embraced.

25 years and thousands of customers and designs later, it’s humbling and almost amusing to think that it all started with a turquoise bikini.